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Husbands Bosworth Primary School

Husbands Bosworth CE Primary School

International School Award

Little Big Africa has now identified a school for our water tank. The school is called Buwasiba Primary School and it is located in the mountains of Eastern Uganda (see the pictures below). We are carrying out lots of exciting activities to raise money for this water tank.


At the end of last term, the children and staff collected pencil cases full of stationery for children in Uganda. During the summer holiday, Mrs Boycott delivered the pencil cases to the charity 'Little, Big Africa'  who then distributed them to children most in need. They were thrilled with all the goodies that we sent and the headteacher of one of the schools described how much the stationery would support the children's learning. Please read the thank you letter that we received by clicking on the link below.

Thank you letter


Last year, we worked extremely hard to achieve the Full International School Award. We worked closely with the Childreach Charity and our partnered school in India (Sri Venkateshwar), working on 7 international activities to increase the children's knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We believe that  we are helping our children to develop into Global Citizens that are well informed about other countries and cultures around the world. 
(Click on the link to read the confirmation of our award).

The 7 activities developed the children’s awareness of the following global themes: conflict and peace, sustainable living, rights and responsibilities, fairness and equality and identity and belonging.

The seven activities were as follows-

1. Harvest festival church performance of Joseph and the Technicolour dreamcoat. The children learnt about harvest time around the world and explored the issues of hunger. We then raised money for charity to support people less fortunate than ourselves.

2. Language learning day- 2 specialists from the Childreach charity ran workshops on Swahili and children's rights (to speak). The children also learnt simple words in over 10 different languages..

3.  A child like me- countries theme week. The children spent the week in mixed age groups, exploring different countries around the world, taking part in many exciting activities, such as food tasting, African dancing, Chinese new year celebrations and singing songs in different languages.

4. Games and toys (Joint project with the school in India). The children played games that originated in different countries and children in Class 2 held an interclass Chess tournament. The children typed up instructions for their favourite games and sent them to the school in India.

5. Sports and fitness (Joint project with India). The children learnt about inspirational sportsmen and women from around the world. They timed themselves in running, hurdling and measured the distance of standing jumps to compared the data to children's data in India. The children also designed sports mascot to share with children at our link school.

6. Water project (Class 3 joint project with the school in India). During the Summer term, the children in Class 3 carried out a water project during their topic on ‘rivers’. The children kept water usage diaries, learn about contaminated water and water availability. The children sent their diaries to India.

7.  Our world garden (Class 1 and 2 joint project with the school in India). The children identified different plants and flowers around the village and learnt about the origins of different plants. Children in class 2 then created a fact file about the different plants in our village. We compared the plants that we have growing in both countries.

Children in Class 3 also kept an ‘Our World Diary’ in which they recorded happenings from around the world and shared it with the whole school during assembly time. This diary will be ongoing so we can keep a record of happenings that the children can look back on in years to come- a diary for children by children!

Thank you so much to the parents and people in the local community for their help and support during these projects. We will continue to work on projects alongside our partnered school and will keep you updated with more international projects.